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Hello, English speaking Readers!

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(Eine Willkommensseite für Besucher, die kein Deutsch verstehen)

Hello, English speaking readers!

Welcome to our website and blog

Maybe you came to this site by searching for a picture in Google, watching videos on one of our YouTube channels etc. …

As you can see, we mostly write articles in German. But if you are interested in christian, spiritual and prophetic topics, you might like to read the articles in English or in another language.

We have a few articles and resources in English: 


And we also have some pictures in English that you can find on these pages:


Other Languages:

If you want to read all articles on this website in your language, you can use Google Translate, an automatic translation function, but still helpful:

—> Click here to translate into English or choose another language<— 


Julia and Tobias


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