For ENGLISH Readers: „The True Bride Will Rise Up!“

Do Not Fear the Times That Are Coming,

This Is When The True Bride Will Rise Up To Burn With Passion For Him!

(Text -from Teresa Neff )


God will protect and take care of His own, supernatural heating, food brought in by ravens, electricity when it should be turned off. Cars working that shouldn’t be able too. Oh praise God, this is when the rubber will meet the road, do we really believe He is our provider in ALL things? Will He see to it that we reach  people with the true gospel message for His glory? Yes He will!


Believing  in the authority that Jesus gave us, tempered with also knowing that some people will not be saved, if not going through some hard times. In the depression, there were more churches filled with people then any other time.


During times that are hard on our flesh  is a time when people get serious about prayer and revivals will start.

I am excited, but don’t get me wrong, God will allow us to go through those trials that will only make us stronger in Him, that will perfect all of those who will soften their hearts and surrender to the refining of the bride. But let me tell you, it will not feel good to our flesh. But our  loving Father,will comfort us, and provide for us, as we are being perfected without spot or blemish before Him. If we position our hearts, humbling ourselves, this could be a glorious time for all who embrace the Fire of refining and hold on to Him. Glorious, because we are drawn into deeper intimacy learning to depend on Him in areas we haven’t even known to do before.


I believe in the time that these things happen in the world is when we will see the church of the bible come to life, praise God, we will see the miracles, the multiplication miracles, healings, raising from the dead, more demons being cast out in shorter time, without needing counseling, a total healed heart and mind, totally set free.


We can not be afraid of the times ahead of us, there is a red cord hanging out of our home windows, there is the blood of the Lamb over our door posts so death can not enter.


Let us have eyes wide open, and  not close our eyes because we might be seeing things that will  happen in the world that we don’t want to see.  Let us  praise God for showing us, and remember that God will fight our battle because we trust in Him, as He has done for those who had complete trust in Him before. We are going through a maturing in the Lord, by His hand, and not our own, we just have to surrender.


And for me personally as Paul said in Philippians 3, not that I have attained it, but I press on, not looking back for what Christ has already bought for us.


Luke 21:35-37 (New King James Version)

„For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”


– from Teresa Neff

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