Musik von Godfrey Birtill


(Godfrey Birtill)

Mehr von Godfrey Birtill in der YouTube-Suche.


„Just one Touch from the King“

„It’s bubbling“

„We’ve entered in“

„Lord, turn your Footsteps“

„Glory River“

„Wild Islands“

„Balsam Trees“

„Wild Fire“

„Gas, Gas, Gas“

„It’s over! (The empire is over)“

„Hijacked into Paradise“

„Some people may say“

„Let me shout (Wild Goose)“

„Redeemed (Fro the empty way of Life“)

„Raise up, Raise up the Standard“

„Time to leave the old man behind“

„The Joy of the Lord! (Great Grace)“

„We’ve gone so far out (Beep Beep)“

„Though the banks (Cartwheels of Joy)“

„Are you ready ready ready?“

„Jesus, faithful and true (No more eagles in the chicken coop)“

„God’s voice thunders (Glory Invasion)“

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